Dr. Greg Vigna, national malpractice, mid-urethral sling attorney, states “retropubic slings that are placed lateral to the arcus ligament into the obturator internus muscle can cause acute groin pain that becomes chronic. Women with acute groin pain following a retropubic sling cannot have their pain dismissed by their implanting surgeon as laterally positioned arms of retropubic slings cause both pudendal, obturator neuralgia, and ilioinguinal neuralgia.”

What does Dr. Vera Joser say in the article “Severe Affection of the Obturator Nerve in a Young Patient After Tension Free Vaginal Sling Placement: Case Report of a Rare Complication and Review of the Literature” published in the J Case Rep Images Obstet Gynecol 2023;9(1):53–58?

“Neurologic complications due to obturator nerve injury after retropubic sling insertion are very rare. The less experienced surgeon may be tempted to use a more lateral way being afraid to injure the bladder. In our case, we suspected that this may have been the case because the skin incisions, especially on the left side, as described before, were placed too far laterally towards the groin.

A prompt clinical diagnosis and early loosening and removal of the sling would certainly have been easier—two weeks after implantation, the sling was already well integrated into the surrounding tissue.”

Read Dr. Joser’s article: https://www.ijcriog.com/archive/2023/pdf/100146Z08VJ2023.pdf

Dr. Vigna concludes, “Laterally placed retropubic slings cause life altering pain syndromes that require early, effective management that includes complete mesh removal. We are evaluating retropubic sling injuries caused by laterally placed retropubic slings.”

Dr. Vigna is a California and Washington DC lawyer who focuses on catastrophic injuries and the neurological injuries caused by mid-urethral slings including pudendal neuralgia, obturator neuralgia, ilioinguinal neuralgia, and complex regional pain syndrome. Ben Martin is national pharmaceutical injury and malpractice attorney in Dallas, Texas.

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