Ineffective Decubitus Ulcer Care: Grim Prognosis for Those with Stage III and IV Decubitus Ulcers

“Hospitalized patients with decubitus ulcer-related osteomyelitis who did not undergo surgical reconstruction or coverage … 44% patients were readmitted due to complications from osteomyelitis, and 17% died” states Laura Damioli, MD. Therapeutic Advance in Infectious Disease. Volume 10, pg. 1-9. 2023. What did Dr. Damioli's study say? 1) “We describe treatments and outcomes of hospitalized [...]

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Vigna Law Group: Heel Decubitus Ulcers, a Major Health Care Concern

“These stage IV heel pressure ulcers represent a major health and economic burden and can be difficult to treat” … David C. Bosanquet, MD, Consultant Vascular Surgeon at NHS. Dr. Greg Vigna, wound care expert and national decubitus ulcer attorney states, “Stage IV Heel bedsores sores have the worst prognosis and lead to lower limb [...]

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Decubitus Ulcer Management: Nutritional Interventions for Prevention and Treatment

Currently there is no clear evidence that nutritional interventions reduce the development of pressure ulcers or help them to heal,” states Gero Langer, Cochrane Library. What else did Gero Langer report in “Nutritional interventions for preventing and treating pressure ulcers (Review)” in Database of Systematic Reviews. 2014(6):CD003216. “This conclusion should not be interpreted as nutritional [...]

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Decubitus Ulcer Related Osteomyelitis: “A Neglected Disease”

“Stage IV pressure ulcers most commonly affect the tissue overlying the sacrum, ischial bones, and femoral heads, and therefore pressure ulcer-related osteomyelitis is typically found in these locations … The goal of our study was to describe the epidemiology of pressure ulcer-related pelvic osteomyelitis, including the clinical presentation, diagnostics, management, and outcomes of this understudied [...]

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Spinal Cord Injured Risk Factors for Decubitus Ulcers Prior to Rehabilitation

“It is impossible to achieve independence with self-care when you are an acute spinal cord injured patient with a Stage IV sacral decubitus ulcer. These patients need to be fixed and should never be referred to nursing homes where their risk of sepsis and death become increasingly foreseeable,” states Greg Vigna, MD, JD. Dr. Anthony [...]

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Decubitus Ulcer Management: The Importance of Plastic Surgeons

“Dr. Herbert Conway, plastic surgery, wrote about his experience with 1,000 cases of sacral, ischial, and trochanteric decubitus ulcer providing care for paralyzed Veterans at the Veterans Hospital, Bronx, New York. Flap closure provided superior outcomes when compared with conservative management,” states Greg Vigna, MD, JD, national decubitus ulcer attorney. What did Dr. Herbert Conway [...]

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Decubitus Ulcer Management: Maggot Therapy Versus Plastic Surgeons

Maggot therapy has never shown prevent osteomyelitis and death. LTACs may provide level of care for hospital or nursing home acquired decubitus ulcer patients. “Flap closure is rarely a readily available option in these complex patients due to their malnutrition, immobility, inability to offload, and other factors, such as immunosuppression,” states Caitlin Trottier, MD, [...]

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Medical Device-Related Pressure Ulcers: Arkansas Hospital Hit with “Never Event” Lawsuit

Medical device-related pressure ulcers create localized injury to the skin or underlying tissue as a result of sustained pressure from a device. “Medical device-related pressure ulcers (MDR PrUs) hospital acquired pressure ulcers (HAPUs) often mirror the shape and location of a medical device. A unique aspect of MDR PrUs is a rigid plastic material [...]

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Bedsore Litigation Update: Ineffective Decubitus Ulcer Care in Focus

In our study, patients with Medicare or Medicaid were significantly more likely to develop a pressure ulcer than patients with private insurance… In our study, patients with Medicare or Medicaid were significantly more likely to develop a pressure ulcer than patients with private insurance… Our results indicate that Black and Hispanic patients had significantly [...]

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