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Mesh Complications:

1.     Chronic pain

2.     Bowel obstructions

3.     Adhesions

4.     Fistulas

5.     Nerve injury / Neuropathic pain / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

6.     Bowel perforations

7.     Intra-abdominal sepsis

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Indication: Mesh is used to augment inguinal hernia repair and abdominal wall hernia repair

Which Manufacturers are causing the injuries?

  1. C.R. Bard- Davol Inc.
  2. Atrium Medical
  3. Covidien
  4. Ethicon

Why does hernia mesh cause all these complications?

  1. The most common material used for hernia mesh is Polypropylene, which is plastic. Polypropylene mesh when implanted causes a ongoing inflammatory response that does not ever stop.
  2. The ongoing inflammatory response to polypropylene is called the foreign body reaction and its effects when implanted is not predictable between patients.
  3. The ongoing inflammatory response can cause local pain and chronic neuropathic pain, and in some, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
  4. The ongoing inflammatory response can lead to failure of the mesh to incorporate with the soft tissues that can lead to device migration of the mesh that will result in reoccurrence of the hernia, pain, and in some patients it can cause bowel perforations.
  5. The ongoing foreign body response can produce dense scarring and scar plate formation that will produce soft tissue banding and soft tissue traction that can produce bowel obstructions, bowel perforation, pain to adjacent organs, and intra-abdominal sepsis.
  6. The ongoing foreign body response can produce dense scarring and scar plates that will cause the polypropylene mesh to shrink, become brittle, and fail.

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ventral hernia repair

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