At Vigna Law Group, one of our goals is to provide comprehensive medical and legal information to better inform the public and our clients on critical issues in wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases, which are related to a failed transvaginal mesh or sling, damage to the brain, spinal cord or brachial plexus and medical malpractice.

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Chronic Pelvic Pain with Mesh Bladder Slings
Pelvic Mesh Pain
Chronic Pelvic Pain with Vaginal Mesh

Currently, we have three eBook titles available, offered by our TVM litigation team, which is currently pursuing cases across the country.  Nationally recognized for their achievements in the courtroom, Ben C. Martin and Laura Baughmann are leading the dedicated efforts to win our cases.

These publications are interactive and contain videos, infographics, and written information. Each focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of a failed transvaginal mesh or bladder sling.

Featured in these publications, Dr. Michael Hibner, a practicing urogynecological surgeon and leading expert in mesh failure cases, provides crucial insights into the comprehensive treatment plan provided at a specialized women’s pelvic pain clinic. He outlines a proper case evaluation, removal surgery, reconstructive surgery and ongoing therapies to improve the patient’s quality of life with better function and pain relief.

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“In patients who have developed symptoms after placement of mesh, it is very important to get to a right provider. The longer they wait, the more severe their pain gets. With every day, it becomes more and more difficult to treat them.”