Vigna Law Group: Neurological Injury Law Firm Comments on Penumbra Jet 7 Lawsuit

Vigna Law Group comments on Penumbra Jet 7 Lawsuit. “Penumbra Inc. made a mistake in its design of its catheter and like other pharmaceutical injury cases compounded it by not recalling the device from the market when safety signals began coming in.” Greg Vigna, MD, JD, stroke expert, national pharmaceutical injury lawyer “We have [...]

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National Pharmaceutical Neurologic Injury Firm: Penumbra’s Jet 7 was Defective & Unsafe

Evidence is suggesting that the device nearly always breaks at the exact same place in the catheter leading to significant neurological injury & sometimes death “The Penumbra Jet 7 Reperfusion Catheter used for revascularization of large vessel cerebral strokes is defective and unsafe. It was voluntarily recalled but too late for too many injured [...]

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Red Flag Warning: Large Vessel Transient Ischemic Attack…Needs CT-Angiogram

Dr. Greg Vigna comments on hospitals' failure to meet stroke care management standards, resulting in untimely diagnoses of catastrophic strokes. “There is nothing transient about a transient ischemic attack when symptoms are consistent with large cerebral vessel occlusive disease and the failure to diagnose leads to life-time disability"... Dr. Greg Vigna-stroke physician/attorney Transient ischemic attacks [...]

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Vigna Law Group: Enterococcus bacteremia…where was the ECHO?

VLG: A national neurological injury and malpractice injury law firm, is investigating case of septic emboli strokes and heart valve damage. Greg Vigna, MD, JD, a physician Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, practicing physician, and national medical malpractice and pharmaceutical injury attorney comments: “Clearly the medical literature requires every patient with Enterococcus [...]

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Stroke: Every 15 Minutes Matters…Medically and Legally

The Journal of the American Medical Association proved that faster time to treatment has been showed to have better long-term outcomes. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) a study proved the obvious that faster time to treatment in the setting of acute stroke with intravenous thrombolytic therapy has been showed to have [...]

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Acute Vertigo and Nausea: Basilar Stroke…Please Go To ER

Basilar artery occlusion (BAO) leads to a catastrophic stroke syndrome that...carries a risk between 40-80 percent death and severe disability. Basilar artery occlusion (BAO) leads to a catastrophic stroke syndrome that despite advances in acute stroke management that includes timely thrombolysis with tPA, a potent clot breaker, and interventional procedures including mechanical thrombectomy carries [...]

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Stroke Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Twice as Many Thrombectomies

During the peak of the outbreak in Manhattan, Dr. Weinberger reported, “We’re doing twice as many interventions for large vessel thromboses than usual...” Dr. Jesse Weinberger, a stroke neurologist and member of a vascular interventional group that serves multiple hospitals in Manhattan, New York, and is director of the neurovascular laboratory at Mount Sinai [...]

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Stroke Care Revolution Saving Lives and Function…Despite Lost Opportunities

Some hospitals aren't prepared for timely transfers to a Comprehensive Stroke Center with physician skill & equipment to provide the necessary standard of care. In 2018 hospitals across the country prepared for the updated Acute Ischemic Stroke Guideline which represented a paradigm shift as thrombectomy was recommended along with thrombolysis for large vessel occlusions [...]

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