The Vigna Law Group comments on the failures of Penumbra Inc. Jet 7.

“We have seen this before in the IVC filter litigation when companies keep defective devices on the market as they try and make design changes in the device to avoid scrutiny by the FDA and hide the product design flaws from physicians and patients.” – Ben Martin, national pharmaceutical lawyer, co-lead counsel Cook and Argon IVC filter litigation.

“Law firms are jumping into the Penumbra litigation with no intention of litigating these cases. Patients who have suffered a stroke and complications of a medical device that have robbed them of the chance of neurological recovery by a Penumbra product must be marched to the courthouse” – Greg Vigna, MD, JD Stroke Expert, Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

“Penumbra Inc. made a mistake in the design of its catheter, and like many other pharmaceutical companies compounded it by not recalling the device from the market.” — Dr. Greg Vigna

Why choose the Vigna Law Group?

  1. Unlike other law firms, we are both pharmaceutical injury attorneys and malpractice attorneys and we litigate failure to diagnose stroke. Malpractice cases like the Penumbra Inc. Jet 7 cases require us to prove that the brain at risk of permanent injury during a stroke, which is referred to as the penumbra, could have been saved with a successful thrombectomy (removal of the clot).
  2. Dr. Greg Vigna has been a stroke expert for over two decades and as a Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician is a testifying expert in Life Care Planning, and is a national neurological injury attorney. His firm is individually litigating these neurological injury cases in the vaginal mesh litigation.
  3. Ben Martin, Esq., is a national pharmaceutical injury attorney who is a personal injury attorney first which allows him to understand the value each case. He has a proven track record of litigating pharmaceutical injury cases.
  4. Stroke cases are individual litigation cases and Penumbra Jet 7 cases are no different. Each situation is unique as it relates to damages and must be individually assessed.

Dr. Vigna is a California and Washington DC lawyer who focuses on catastrophic neurological injuries caused by transvaginal mesh devices including pudendal neuralgia, obturator neuralgia, ilioinguinal neuralgia, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. He is a stroke expert and national malpractice attorney. His cases are filed around the country with Martin Baughman, a Dallas Texas firm. Ben Martin and Laura Baughman are national pharmaceutical injury trial attorneys in Dallas, Texas.

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