Hospital Acquired Sepsis: High Morbidity and Mortality But is Not Routinely Tracked

“Routine Hospital Onset-Acquired Sepsis Event surveillance could complement current Hospital Acquired Infections measures, improve the efficiency and objectivity of surveillance, and provide a broader window into serious nosocomial infections” states Dr. Brady Page, Department of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital. What else did Dr. Brady Page report in “Surveillance for Healthcare-Associated Infections: Hospital-Onset Adult Sepsis Events [...]

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Brutal Data Regarding Failure Rates of Polyurethane PICC Lines

“The data was brutal for the old, obsolete, polyurethane central venous lines that are peripherally inserted into the vein are unreasonably dangerous. There are safer materials available that reduce the risk of sepsis and blood clots. These are serious injuries that hurt patients of all ages,” states Dr. Greg Vigna, retired physician, and sepsis attorney. [...]

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PICC Line Bloodstream Infections in Patients with Cancer: Big Gun Antibiotics Necessary

“Our local recommendation is to perform a Doppler ultrasound for every patient with a central-line associated bloodstream infection, even if there are no symptoms of thrombosis, as the duration of antibiotic therapy is extended in case of thrombosis, in association with an anticoagulation treatment,” states Dr. Anne Thiebaut-Bertrand, MD, hematologist. Dr. Thiebaut-Bertrand's report “Early PICC-line [...]

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Damage Control Surgery: Putting the Name on the Standard of Care for Sacral Decubitus Ulcers

“When deep decubitus wounds are not repaired in a timely manner, patients are at higher risk of developing sepsis, which is life-threatening. The mortality rate of decubitus wounds combined with sepsis is as high as 50%,” states Dr. Zhiyi Wei, MD. Department of Burn ICU, Quanzhou First Hospital, China. What else did Dr. Wei report [...]

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Dialysis Catheter: Risk Factors for Sepsis in Hemodialysis Patients in United States

“Sepsis risk in hemodialysis patients is clearly related to access type and is associated with dramatic increase in mortality”… Dr. Satinderjit Locham, MD, vascular surgeon. Dr. Greg Vigna, national pharmaceutical injury attorney and national sepsis attorney states, “There are safer materials than polyurethane dialysis catheters that substantially reduce the risk of infection and blood clots [...]

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