Vaginal Mesh

For decades, synthetic mesh manufacturers have been selling their product to repair pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Major medical device companies are involved including Ethicon (a Johnson & Johnson company), Boston Scientific, Bard, American Medical Systems and Coloplast. Most of these products are made of a plastic called polypropylene.

Unfortunately for the hundreds of thousands of women who have had these products implanted into them, polypropylene can shrink, erode, fray and migrate. Internal organs can be pierced and nearby nerves damaged. These injuries often cause serious and life changing adverse health complications including chronic irretractable pain in the pelvic region, worsening incontinence and painful intercourse or dyspareunia.

Our criteria for representation for women who have symptoms of the neurological pain syndromes caused by vaginal mesh devices used for pelvic organ prolapse and polypropylene mid-urethral slings devices used for stress urinary incontinence. These symptoms may occur acutely following implantation or develop slowly years later.

Symptoms that suggest neurological injury include pain with sitting, painful intercourse, tailbone pain, anorectal pain, painful bladder, inability to wear tight pants, clitoral numbness or pain, groin pain, and hip pain.

In addition to medical care, women suffering from a failed mesh need adequate legal representation pursuing a potential case against the device manufacturer. In trials across the country, juries have rendered verdicts in favor of the plaintiff and awarded compensation. Other women have participated in a mass tort settlement. Today, there are still those who have not yet taken action. Now is the time for them to determine if they have a case of their own.

Dr. Greg Vigna, founder of Vigna Law Group, along with a team of top trial lawyers is committed to providing for his clients the best legal representation, excellent medical insight, vital medical care planning and critical information concerning transvaginal mesh complications and treatment.

“My clients have legal remedies available to them and deserve their day in court. They have the right to pursue financial compensation for the damage done to them and their families which was caused by these defective and dangerous medical devices.”

Greg Vigna, MD JD
Founder – Vigna Law Group

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